Hair Growth Challenge

Thought I’d talk about how my relationship is going with my hair. I still love being natural but I haven’t been inspired to do all the same steps I’ve done before to keep my curls poppin. Right now I’m just stuck between the idea of letting my hair grow or doing something fun (like a hair cut, color, etc). I had my hair cut twice within the past two years. These weren’t drastic cuts but more like a hair shape change. Nevertheless, my hair has loss some inches from each cut. After those cuts, I loved my hair; however, there’s always a small part of me that desires to see how long my hair can actually grow. My thought is, I’d never find out how long my hair can get if I keep cutting inches off each year. This thought probably doesn’t make sense. Depending on your beliefs, hair is always growing and doesn’t have a limit.

I want to make a sacrifice of not doing any cuts (outside of trimming ends) until I the end of next year (I’m really not sure how long though). Because of this commitment, now I have to get a little creative with my hair to prevent me from getting bored with my look. FYI – I’ve been on the “not cutting” journey since November 2018, which will make the no-cutting commitment of two years.

Please don’t confuse this long hair journey with a healthy hair journey. Long hair doesn’t always equate healthy hair. Just as short hair doesn’t equate unhealthy hair. I don’t want anyone to think less of their hair because it’s shorter. Hair is beautiful across all textures and lengths. If you’re a person who wants to grow long hair, I encourage you to only worry about the growth only after you’ve achieved healthy hair. I’ll be sure to share some of my thoughts with you as the challenge continues.

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