Stress Coping Methods

Over the last several months, I’ve been testing out various methods to keep my mind in a healthy state.  Based on self-observation, some these methods have been more helpful than others.  I thought it would be good to share these methods with you in case you need a mental detox.  As we’re not all the same, some of the items listed may not be suitable for you.  However, I encourage you to keep exploring methods that are a good fit for you.

Eat Well

Of course, me being an advocate for healthy eating, I’ll always suggest food as a remedy.  Our feelings can be directly related to the way we eat.  Eating things like blueberries and leafy greens contributes to healthy brain functioning.

Social Media Detox

This suggestion if way easier said than done.  However, it’s important for us to practice loving the reality of our lives.  There are many ways to approach this method.  One, you can get off all social media platforms for a certain period.  Two, you can schedule a certain amount of time to scan your platforms per day.  Three, you can change your social media community.  For an example, I tend to follow people that make me feel good about myself and unfollow people that trigger my anxiety.


Exercising is a great stress reliever.  I suggest finding a workout you enjoy.  You may not feel motivated to do HIIT cardio, but you many want to take a walk outside.  Personally, I enjoy kickboxing, jump roping, and practicing slow flow yoga.


I know suggesting meditation is cliché but it can do wonders for mental clarity with practice.  For a little extra help, try finding a self-guided meditation app.  I use the Headspace app.  Also, there are self-guided meditation podcast on SoundCloud (ex. hellolaurenash) and Spotify (Meditation Minis).

Listen to Podcasts

There are many podcasts that are entertaining and promotes self-care.  Some of my go-to podcasts are The Friend Zone, Black Girl In Om, Rants & Randomness, and Therapy for Black Girls.

Listen to Music

I’m sure many readers do this already.  However, if you need to relax or calm down, I suggest listening to Binary beats.  This has, by far, been my best discovery to keeping me relaxed.  There should be a binary beats playlist where ever you normally listen to music.  I listen to the Energy Cleanse playlist by Lalah Delia on Spotify.

Take a Bath or Soak Your Feet

In the past, I thought baths were an act of soaking in my own dirt.  Now, the only reason I don’t take baths is because of the way my bathroom is design.  Therefore, I try to soak my feet as often as I remember.  Taking baths or soaking one’s feet is detoxifying for the body.  This activity helps us get rid of negative energy via detox.  For a more relaxing experience, try using Epsom Salt and your favorite essential oils.

Please keep in mind, these things should not replace the act of going to therapy.  I shared this information to encourage you to take care of your mental health.  What are some things you do to reduced stress?  Please share your methods below.

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