How to Choose the Best Natural Hair Salon

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Are you tired of combing and twisting your hair?  Trust me we’ve all been there.  Every so often, it’s nice to give yourself a break and let someone else do your hair.  Think of it as your “me” time.  If you’re skeptical to let someone else touch your hair, I’m here to tell you it’s okay.  However, there are a few things you should consider before letting someone else touch your tresses.


Determine what you want

It is always best to have an idea about what style you want before you go to a salon.  If you’re unsure about what style you want, find pictures of hairstyles you think would look pretty on you.  Be honest with yourself.  You don’t want to leave the salon with a hairstyle that doesn’t make you (you the person not the hair) look better than when you first walk into the salon.  Also, don’t forget to bring as many pictures with you to the salon.  Hairstylist are artists not psychics.


Do your research

If you don’t remember any of my other tips, please remember to research the salon/stylist.  Don’t let a stylist with a few good credentials touch your hair unless you’re confident of their abilities.  I’m a big fan of researching pictures of hairstylists’ work.  If I can’t find a picture, I will not go to that stylist.  I’m sorry but we’re in 2018, I feel that a salon/stylist should have a portfolio somewhere on the internet.  Don’t forget to read the reviews of the salon or hairstylist.


Determine your budget

Styling natural hair is expensive, for a good reason.  However, be conscious of how much you want to spend before you determine which salon/stylist you want to go with.  There are some salons that will change around $70 for a deep conditioning treatment and a twist-out hairstyle.  Based on your opinion, pick a style that’s worth the price.    In case some of you aren’t familiar, you should leave a tip if the services were good.  Please do not try to come up with the pettiest reason to not leave a tip.  Leaving a tip will help you build a great relationship with the stylist.


Go for a consultation

Many hairstylists start the customer’s appointment off with a brief consultation.  However, if you’re skeptical of random people touching your hair, it may be a good idea to talk with the stylist before you make an appointment.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to look around and find out what kind of products they use.  If they’re not using paraben-free products, RUN!  Just kidding.  However, the products used by salons should hold integrity.


Distance & Frequency

Is it worth flying across the country, or is it worth driving for hours to try a salon everyone has been raving about?  The answer to this question is based on your personal preference.  Last year, I drove from Detroit to Columbus to get my first curly cut.  I found salons in Michigan that offers curly cut services; however, I wasn’t satisfied with the pictures of those cuts.  Also, I was told I only needed to get the cut every six months to maintain my shape.


Because I enjoy styling my hair, I only get my hair professionally styled about once a year.  However, if you a person looking for a stylist to do your hair twice a month, you may want to consider finding a stylist near your home or job.


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  1. I do agree that it’s best to choose a natural hair stylist that has a portfolio of their past works to ensure that you will only deal with a hair stylist that has good credentials. My niece is interested in finding a hair stylist. Since she wants to find a hair salon that has good hair stylists, it will make sense for her to only deal with a hair salon that can proudly show their portfolio of their hairstylists’ work to her. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. It was really nice that you mentioned how you should consider checking the portfolio of the hair salon stylist that you’re interested in so you can easily evaluate their abilities. This is something that I will surely do because I want to find a hair salon. My goal is to choose a hair salon that has hair stylists who have the skills and abilities to provide the style of the hair that I’m trying to achieve. Thanks for sharing this.


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