Natural Hair Journey Inspiration


It is so much easier to set goals for our natural hair than it is tolerate the natural hair journey.  Sometimes we need inspiration to keep us from going back to how we use to treat our hair.  Therefore, I’m going to provide some tips on how to stay inspired on your hair journey.

Inspiration #1:  Remind yourself about the reason why you’re on this journey.  Personally, this journey makes me feel free to be me.  I know that sounds cheesy, but I feel that wearing my hair naturally has made me feel less self-conscious.

Inspiration #2:  Occasionally, read or watch others’ hair journey stories.  Our peers can be the best motivators when it comes to sticking to goals.  However, I caution you not to negatively judge your progress based on someone else’s story.

Inspiration #3:  Go to natural hair events.  It’s great to attend event with like-minded people.  By the time you leave the event, you’ll realize there’s someone else at the event with the same problem or concern as you.  I feel some sort of comfort when I know I’m not alone.  Last year, I attended two natural hair events that revived my natural hair journey.

Inspiration #4:  Change up your hairstyle.  Wear a braidout next time instead of a twistout.  Get some box braids instead of rocking your curls.  Another good option is to get your hair reshaped (like a styled haircut).  When I get bored with my hair, I tend to feel less excited about my hair.  Sometimes you have to bring “color” back into your life or in this case HAIR.

Inspiration #5:  Create a hair vision board.  I’m too lazy to create an actual vision board.  However, I use Pinterest as my vision board, and I pin a lot of natural hairstyles.  This vision board or Pinterest can help you determine your next hairstyle.  Instagram is another way for you to follow hair vloggers and bloggers that may inspire you.

I hope these five inspirations get you excited on your natural hair journey.  Remember that you are in control of your own thoughts.  If you think negatively, you’ll get negative results.

My questions to you (comment below):

What is one of your hair goals?

What are some things/people that inspire you to achieve that goals?

Thanks for reading!

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