Protein Vs. Moisture – Deep Conditioners

The past few weeks I’ve been analyzing reparative conditioners versus moisturizing conditioners.  After a few weeks of experimenting, I discovered a few things about my hair.  My hair doesn’t need a reparative deep conditioner every time I wash my hair.  Also, my hair doesn’t need a moisturizing deep conditioner every time I wash my hair.  What my hair needs is a good balance of the two types of conditioners.

In case some of you aren’t sure about the difference between the two types of conditioners, I’ll further explain these types of products.  A reparative conditioner will have some type of protein (like keratin) in the ingredients.  Some of the descriptions I’ve seen on the front of products say repair, reparative, or strengthening. The purpose of a reparative conditioner is to repair the protein of the hair. A moisturizing conditioner is pretty much any conditioner that doesn’t have protein.  If the conditioner isn’t strengthening your hair it’s moisturizing your hair.

Why am I writing about these different types of conditioner?  Well, this post was inspired by my hair not responding well to a few of my go-to products.  Sometime your hair can get use to a product and stop responding well to that product.  This understanding was part of my problem.  However, I wanted to figure out why my hair wasn’t responding well to the products.  I settled on the thought that I overdid my application of moisturizing products and neglected to use reparative products.  My hair is in a healthy state; therefore, it slipped my mind to incorporate repair (or protein) treatment in my hair regimen.  It’s sad on my part because protein is literally one of the first things I learned about natural hair.

After I realized what I was doing wrong, I created a plan on how to keep a good balance of protein and moisture for my hair.  I settled on using a moisturizing conditioner for majority of my wash days.  However, once or twice a month I will replace the moisturizing conditioner with a reparative conditioner.  I’ve been following this plan for the past few weeks and my curls have been doing well.  The curls are tighter and have great definition before even applying styling products.

I shared this experience with you to provide a valuable tip I learned.  That tip is for you to find a great balance between protein and moisture.  If you like your moisturizing conditioner every wash day, remember to swap out that conditioner for a reparative conditioner at least once per month.  You don’t want your hair’s elasticity to suffer (we like bouncy curls & coils).  Please remember the same idea if you like a certain reparative conditioner.  This tip is valuable regardless of the health of your hair.  Some naturals think because their hair is damaged they should overload it with protein.  However, protein overload can make your hair brittle and lead to breakage.  Overall, I think using moisturizing conditioners more frequently is better, but if your hair doesn’t respond to that system, stick with what you know will work for your hair.

Thanks for reading!  

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