Great Hair Product #1

There’s a segment on YouTube where vloggers talk about their favorites items.  The segment inspired me to start a product introduction segment.  I will talk about one of my favorite (go-to) product to use.  Please understand that though this product works well for my hair it may not work well for your hair.  However, maybe after I talk about the product, you can determine if the product is worth trying.  My first product is (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!)…Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-in Detangling Hair Treatment.


Product Pros:

I have not found a leave-in conditioner that works better for my hair than this product.  The product has great slip and makes the detangling process easier.  This leave-in conditioner is light-weight but adds a great deal of moisture to my hair.  I have low-porosity hair and this product works great when I apply it to my hair when it’s dry, damp, or soaking wet.

Another great thing about this product is its ingredients.  The ingredients only includes fatty alcohols, which are known as the safe alcohols.  Also, the ingredients consist of so many great oils.  The three ingredients that stick out the most in this product are coconut water, marshmallow leaf/root extract, and green tea.  Coconut water is great for preventing or treating a dry, itchy, flaky scalp. Marshmallow root has a slippery substance, which is useful when detangling hair.  Also, marshmallow root is generally great for moisturizing dry brittle hair.  Green tea is great to use to maximize the health of your hair.  At a higher level, green tea strengthens hair strands, protects hair strands from being damaged by free radicals, and stimulates the scalp and promotes hair (re)growth.

Product Cons:

There are two cons I have for this product.  First, the product is expensive.  I usually spend around $14 for this leave-in.  Second, you don’t get a lot of product for the price.  The product comes in 8 ounces.  I’m sure most naturals use a leave-in conditioner every time they wash their hair.  The price wouldn’t bother me as much if I got more product for the price.

Final thoughts:

Think about what your hair loves and what your hair hates.  If your hair hates coconut or shea butter, then you may not want to buy this product.  If your hair loves coconut, shea butter, and the other ingredients mentioned above, I highly recommend this product.  I believe this product is great for all hair types and all porosity levels.  Lastly, although the price of this product is expensive, I think you should try the product if you want to try the product.  Treat this product like your nicest pair of shoes and use it less frequently (like twice a month) to stretch out your coins.

I hope this post is helpful.  Thanks for reading!

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