Tips for Lazy Naturals

Hello there again!  I thought it would be great to provide some help to those individuals out there who are a bit lazy when it comes to their natural hair.  Sometimes we natural hair bloggers and vloggers tend to give complex haircare advice.  When people ask me for advice I often get overwhelmed instantly because the feedback I have for them is soooo in depth.  Therefore, I challenged myself with this posted to keep is SIMPLE.  Let’s get started with the tips!

Tip 1:  Drink water! I will forever stress the importance of water.  Water is great for your body and for your hair.

Tip 2:  Think about what style you want to do. This thought process will prepare you for what products use need.  For the lazy naturals, the tips below are great for most protective natural hair styles.  HOWEVER, if you have type 4 hair and you want to rock a luxurious wash and go, you cannot be a lazy natural.  If you want a great wash and go check out this post NON-MAGICAL TIPS FOR A GREAT WASH N GO.

Tip 3:  Use whatever shampoo can get your hair clean without drying your hair out. If you are about that healthy life, use a natural shampoo.

Tip 4:  Deep condition. Because this is for the lazy natural people, keep the deep conditioning process simple and use a regular conditioner.  To deep condition, generously apply conditioner, put a conditioning plastic cap (or plastic bag) over your hair, wrap a towel over the plastic cap, and let hair steam for 10 to 15 minutes.

Tip 5:  Use a leave-in conditioner after hair has been washed and conditioned. A leave-in conditioner will make sure your hair stay moisturized and soft until your next wash day.

Tip 6:  Find great styling products and apply them to each section has you style:

Thick and coarse hair:  a thick butter (or cream) will help you create a great sleek style.  Examples:  You can use shea butter, whipped shea butter, or any thick cream or butter from your favorite product line.

Thin and coarse hair:  a butter or oil will be great for styling your hair.  Examples:  I recommend a whipped butter because it will not weigh down your thin strands as much as non-whipped butters.  Also, good examples of oils are avocado, jojoba, olive, and coconut.

Silky and thick hair:  a whipped butter, oil, hair mousse, or milk styling cream will keep your hair well moisturized and under control.  Examples:  You can use jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or argan oil.  If you use a hair mousse, I recommend using an oil too.

Silky and thin hair:  a hair mousse, oil, or milk styling cream are great options to moisturize the hair without weighing the hair down.  Examples:  lighter oils like argan oil or jojoba oil will moisturize, soften, and keep hair looking shiny.  If you want big hair, make sure to use a mousse when styling your hair because hair mousse expands hair follicles making them look fuller and thicker.

Tip 7:  Wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin scarf.

Follow the tips above and improve your technique (like braiding or twisting) and your hair will prosper.  Thanks for reading!

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