Introducing Shane’s Food Intake

I thought I would take a small detour and write about another topic that is interesting.  This topic is health.  About four years ago, I became interested in food and how food can sometimes be the best medicine.  I’ve always held back from writing about food on a public platform because people can get defensive about the subject.

Majority of my previous blog posts have been about how we can improve the health of our hair.  All of what I’ve written is true according to my experience, but a huge factor purposely excluded from my posts was how serious I take my food consumption.  Now, I’m not a militant health nut. From time to time I do indulge in certain food that may be considered “unhealthy.” However, I believe the success of my hair journey has a lot to do with what I choose to eat and drink.  For an example, I drink at least 80 ounces of water a day.  Drinking plenty water can prevent a dry itchy scalp (unless you have a skin condition).  Many people buy products that helps (or “fixes”) dry scalp issues instead of drinking more water.  I understand water may not taste good to some people but it is WAYYYY cheaper than hair products (even the fancy water).

Changing my eating habits saves me a few steps in my hair care regimen.  I believe our natural appearance reflects what’s going on inside of our bodies.  Disclaimer:  I do understand some people’s outside appearance will never reflect what’s going on inside of their bodies.  I call those people genetically blessed.  It’s great if you’re genetically blessed; however, it’s okay to not be genetically blessed with some things.  There’s great beauty in having to work a bit harder to obtain what you want.

I hope to start writing more blog posts about my food experience.  Therefore, I thought to start the healthy food discussion now and list a few food items I consider huge staples in my diet currently.  Note:  I do not identify as a vegan or vegetarian.  I try to keep majority of my meals plant-based with mostly organic ingredients.

  • Lentils: My choice of lentils to cook is dependent on what flavors I’m craving.  However, I have digestive issues, so I tend to cook with red split lentils the most because it’s lower in fiber compared to the others.
  • Green Smoothie: I know drinking a green smoothie is cliché in health discussions, but the smoothie helps me up my intake of leafy greens.  I have the green smoothie for breakfast.  The smoothies usually consist of spinach, spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, vanilla flavored plant-based protein powder, wheatgrass powder, raw almond butter, blueberries, half a banana, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
  • Kale: I make kale salads for lunch during the work week.
  • Romaine: I’m not a huge romaine lettuce fan.  However, I do prefer to eat lentils over romaine lettuce.
  • Fermented (real) sauerkraut: Fermented foods are great for your digestive system, so I usually add sauerkraut on top of salads or eggs.
  • Quinoa: This grain is one of the few grains that does not make me uncomfortably bloated.
  • Black beans: I used black beans in salad, soup or chili.
  • Popcorn: This is my absolute go to snack.  I can have lots of popcorn and feel less guilty compared to other sugary snacks.
  • Tahini:  I use this as a base when making dressing for my salads.  This ingredient goes well with my kale salads because I think it helps control the bitter taste of raw kale.

Thank you for reading!

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