My Curly Haircut Experience – Part 2

Alright, let’s get into more detail regarding my curly cut experience.  It was great! The end! Just kidding.  I could not be that brief even if I wanted.  The experience was good.  The stylist trimmed my hair curl by curl and did exactly what I wanted.  Also, the stylist asked me a few questions prior to the cutting process to ensure I got the style I desired.  Everyone that participated in my hair was very gentle.  The salon takes pride in not using combs on their client’s hair which could be one reason why everyone was so gentle.  Overall, I don’t think there’s anything else the salon could have done differently to make my experience better besides what has already been addressed in PART 1.

How is your hair doing now?  My experience with this kind of cut has been all over the place.  The shape of my hair always looks beautiful even when my wash and gos don’t turn out good.  However, one thing I did noticed is I started to get fairy knots (or single strand knots) and tangles more frequently.  I think the knots and tangles are related to my hair type as my hair is quite frizzy and tightly curled (besides the top of my head).  I say this because under those circumstances I think it’s almost impossible to properly cut every curl in a reasonable amount of time.  If every hair strand is not cut then there’s a chance the uncut (or damage) ends can tangle with the freshly cut ends causing more knots and tangles.

Another thing I notice was that my hair was shaped slightly different on one side compared to the other side.  I wanted a round shaped to my curls.  The stylist did a good job bring this shaped to life; however, later I discovered that one side was more round (or layered) than the other side.  This discovery was not a big deal for me as I’m sure 95% of the world wouldn’t even be able to notice the difference.

Would you get this haircut again?  I am still deciding if I would get a curly cut under this salon’s cutting method again.  To be honest, the amount of tangles I experienced is deterring me from getting this cut again.  Usually when I get a trim (via the dry straight hair method) my hair is super easy to detangle while wet but the curl by curl cutting method provided an opposite detangling experience for me.  If you have tightly curled or coily hair, the last thing you want is for your detangling process to be worst.  I’m not blaming this detangling disaster on this salon because I think the curl by curl cutting method was just not good for my curl type.  If you have loose curls or waves I think the curl by curl cutting method will work wonders for you.

Below are some items to consider before getting a curl by curl haircut.

  • Research the salon. Make sure that you go to a creditable salon that has worked with your hair type before.  Also, make sure that the person cutting your hair has experience with cutting your hair type.  The best evidence of what hair type the salon and stylist has experience cutting is PICTURES.  If you don’t see pictures or haven’t personally seen the stylist cut your hair type before, be skeptical of letting them cut your hair.  A curly cut can go really bad if you don’t get a good stylist to cut your hair.  The website of Evan Joseph Salon had pictures of clients with my hair type, and the pictures stated who performed the cut.
  • Know what kind of cut you want before you get to the salon. If you know what you want, you can better explain to the stylist what style you desire.
  • Do not get any type of curly cut if you plan to frequently wear your hair straight. I wear my hair curly or in two strand twists 90% of the year that is why the fear of a curly cut was not a factor for me.  If you do not care how your hair looks when it is straight and still want a curly cut then proceed to get the cut.
  • Book your appointment early if you have medium to long tightly curled or coily hair. I was at the salon for at least 4 hours. I felt the stylists were in a bit of a rush to get me and another client finished around close time.  Try to book an appointment first thing in the morning to allow the stylist to have more time to complete your haircut without rushing.
  • Find a salon that cuts curly hair similar to dry hair (not curl by curl). If you don’t think you will like a curl by curl haircut find a salon that does another method.  I found a salon closer to home that uses another method and I may try them out early next year.

It’s hard to put everything in this blog post regarding advice or my experience.  However, I hope this post was helpful if you have been thinking about getting a curly cut.  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.  If you are still unsure about what do, just give the curly cut a try at a trusted salon.  Our hair should be fun.  Let’s try not to be so serious and afraid to explore different styles.   Check out my video HERE.  I apologize about the quality of the video; however, I hope the video is insightful regarding my experience at the salon.  Thank you for reading.

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