My Curly Haircut Experience – Part 1

Hey everyone.  I know I didn’t post a blog last week.  I decided to give myself a one week break because my last blog, HAIR ELASTICITY: The fight for our hair to bounce back., was my 10th blog post.  Yay!  However, I’m back and ready to share with you my first curly haircut experience.  This experience will be split between two blog posts because I was able to tape this experience.  This post will give you some background about curly cuts and my salon experience.  However, the next blog post will feature a video of my haircut experience and go into more detail about how I feel about my haircut and curly cuts in general.

If you have multi-textured hair you are limited to fewer methods to trim your hair than someone with a loose-curl or wavy textured hair.  I grew up getting my hair trimmed after it was blow-dried and flat-ironed.  I pretty much followed this hair trimming method until June of this year, when I got my first curly haircut.  Prior to me getting this haircut, I watched numerous YouTube videos of people’s curly cut experience.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain what a curly haircut is just in case some readers may not be aware.  A curly haircut is when a stylist cuts your hair while dry in its natural curly state.  The hair is cut dry because wet curly hair looks completely different once it dries.  Some of our hair strands may be tight in some areas and loose in other areas.  Personally, I have a loose curl pattern at the top of my head and really tight coils almost everywhere else on my head.  If the hair is cut dry, it’s easy for the stylist to know how each curls will lie.  Also, a dry cut prevents a stylist from cutting too much or too little hair depending on what kind of cut is being done.

Another awesome thing about a curly cut is being able to rock many styles while your hair is curly.  You can get your hair shaped into so many styles with a curly cut.  For an example, you can get your haircut into a bob, mullet, afro (not every curl texture can get this), and many more styles.  Prior to my cut, I had these long bangs blocking my view.  Basically, I had a curly bob shape without even trying.  It was nice for a bit but I wanted a more round shape look to my wash and gos.  Therefore, my first curly cut experience was a tiny bit dramatic because a lot of hair was cut at the top of my head so my curls would lie properly in its layers.

My salon experience was good because I knew what I wanted for about a year.  This may me more relaxed while getting my haircut.  Also, I was confident about the salons ability to not jack (mess) my hair up.  I went to Evan Joseph’s Salon in Columbus, Ohio.  This was a really cute shop.  I brought my best-friend along for moral support LOL.  My friend also taped this experience and I’m grateful of her hard labor.  Getting back on subject.  The owner and the people there were really nice.  However, to be honest my friend and I weren’t particular happy with the way we were greeted.  Basically, we weren’t greeted until we spoke first which made us feel a little awkward.  We walked in and no one talked to use until the student assistant walked up to the front to check me in.  I just thought it was bad customer service.  Although I felt the customer service didn’t meet my expectation instantly, things got better as time passed.  My stylist listened to what I wanted and she even look at some pictures I had as examples.  I was really afraid of someone cutting my hair in its curly state because I have thick, coily, dense hair.  However, the stylist moved slowly and gently during the cutting process.

The salon’s cutting process was standard for many salons that do curly cuts.  You have to come to the salon with freshly washed, conditioned, and dried hair.  You can only use lightweight products in your hair (so no butters or heavy gels).  When you arrive to the salon, they’ll cut your hair first.  Once your hair is cut, the stylist will wash and condition your hair.  With your first appointment, this particular salon likes for your hair to be 100% dry before you leave.  Because of this rule, I sat under the hooded dryer until my hair was completely dry.  Once my hair was dry, the stylist cut my hair a little bit more to ensure everything looked good.

Some general feedback I can give about the cut was that I thought the stylist did a great job.  However, I didn’t love my haircut until I washed and styled my hair with my own products.  If you’re a person that’s pretty good at styling your hair (especially in its curly state) you may not love how your hair looks when you leave the salon.  This statement is more useful for people with tightly coiled hair like myself because most salons only have a few selection of products they use.  As we all know, a product that works on one person’s hair may not work on another person’s hair.  My hair has a lot of factors to consider, so I was not expecting my hair to look flawless when I left the salon.

I’m going to end this post here because I will go into more detail about effects of the cut in the next post.  Also, I will try to provide some advice that will help you make a decision about which hair cutting method is good for you.  Thank you for reading!

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