“Coming to America” is one of my favorite movies to watch.  One business most people remember from the film is called Soul Glo.  Soul Glo was a Jheri curl product line.  “Just let your soul glo.”  Okay, I had to say the line from the movie at least once.  The phrase speaks truth to what we all want for our hair, which is shiny healthy looking hair.  Therefore, I thought I would provide some tips on how to get shiny hair whether you like to wear your hair in non-heat hairstyles, if you wear heat hairstyles, or if you rock locs.

Healthy Hair.  Improving the health of your hair will improve the shine of your hair.  Take a look at the featured photo of this article and the photos below.   In each picture my hair has a good shine because it is healthy not because of the style.  Check out my articles First Healthy Hair Then Hair Growth and Root Cause of Damaged Hair to learn how to get healthy hair.

Not the best posing photo, but the shine of my hair is beautiful in this photo to me.  This was the result of my hair when I took down a week-old two strand twist hairstyle.

Deep condition.  Deep conditioning your hair adds more moisture than the typical conditioner application after you’ve washed your hair.  Also, deep conditioning provides long lasting moisture until your next wash day.  Moisturized hair promotes healthy hair which leads to shiny hair. YAY!

Thoroughly remove buildup.  Our hair will appear dull if we don’t affectively remove product buildup from our hair strands.  Two methods to remove product build up:

  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse. I recommend using a high quality apple cider vinegar brand.  I use Bragg ACV.  Pour ACV into an applicator bottle.  The ACV should take up about ¼ of the applicator bottle.  Fill the rest of the applicator bottle up with water.  Give it a little shake and apply the mix to your scalp first to remove building up from your pores.  Apply the rest of the mix to the strands of your hair.
  • Lemon juice rinse. This rinse is optional for people who can’t handle the smell of ACV.  I recommend using the juice from a fresh lemon.  Squeeze the juice of one lemon into an applicator bottle.  Fill the rest of the bottle up with water.  Give it a shake and apply the mix similar to what I explained above under the ACV rinse method.

These methods are highly recommended if you do not use a lathering shampoo.  You can do one of these rinses before you wash your hair with a (lathering or non-lathering) shampoo or after you have conditioned your hair.  I do an ACV rinse after I deep condition my hair because I feel that it prevents my scalp from being itchy from the conditioner.

Rinse with cool water.  Once you are done with the cleansing and conditioning process, rinse your hair with cool water.  It doesn’t have to be freezing but it should not be lukewarm.  Heat opens hair cuticles and causes hair to look dull and frizzy as stated in my article Root Cause of Damaged Hair.  Cool to cold temperature causes hair cuticles to close and lock in moisture.  If you wash your hair in the shower I know the cold water can be a bit much, but try to save the cool rinse for when it time for you to jump out the shower.

Cool blast your hair.  If you plan to blow dry your hair, end your blow dry regimen with a cool blast.  This cool blast closes the hair cuticles and will make your hair look shiny and smooth.  Take a look at the picture below of when I flat ironed my hair last year.

20161010_183418 (2)
I straightened my own hair in this photo, and I was still able to accomplish a good shine.   

Use a hair serum or hair gloss.  Apply a hair serum, hair gloss, or lightweight oil to your hair once it is style or dry.  I prefer to apply organic argan oil to my hair after it’s dry.  This tips just adds a little boost to your hair shine game.

Healthy Lifestyle.  I know some people just hate hearing about health BUT it’s important.  I believe in a healthy mind, body, and soul lifestyle.  With that being said, of course I’m going to recommend that you be conscious of what you’re eating and drinking.  What appears on the outside is connected to the inside.  If you see outliers to that statement, then those people are genetically blessed.  It’s important to drink lots of water, to eat vegetables and fruits, and to regularly exercise.  As a favor to you anti-healthy folks, I will leave the healthy lifestyle tip to just that.  However, there will be healthy lifestyle articles coming in the future.

I hope these tips help you get (or maintain) shiny beautiful hair.  Comment below if there are other methods you use to get your hair shiny.  Thanks for reading!

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