First Healthy Hair Then Hair Growth

We often get obsessed with reaching our hair length goals.  We even go so far to call some vloggers and bloggers with very long hair “hair goals”.  It great we find inspiration to motivate us to take care of our hair.  However, sometimes we start to assess ourselves more harshly than we should.  There are many different factors that affect hair growth.  Many of the factors are out of our controls.  We are so obsessed with hair growth that vloggers and bloggers use topics for their post with the words “grow” and “fast” to get views.  Personally, I have not experienced fast hair growth.  However, I have experience healthy hair growth and I’m happy with it.  Please realize all of our hair grows at different rates.  For the naturalistas and naturalistos who can grow their hair to waist length in 2 or 3, I believe their genetics play a huge part.  As long as you are experiencing some growth regardless if it is slow or fast you are obviously doing something right.

Okay so we talked about hair growth but what about healthy hair?  We should ALWAYS strive for HEALTHY hair FIRST.  If the hair is healthy I believe it will grow.  I am not saying your hair will grow to your tailbone.  However, I do think most people’s hair can reach armpit or bra strap length.  Below is a list of tips from my perspective that will improve the health of your hair and lead you to healthy hair growth.

  • Hydration.  Our hair needs a lot of moisture.  Part of my regimen is to deep condition my hair every wash day and follow up with a great leave-in conditioner.  Also, my hair gets dry easily so I tend to stay away from drying cleansers.  I prefer cleansing conditioners.  However, there are a few shampoos with added oils that do not make my hair feel dry or stripped.  The Palmers coconut oil or olive oil formula brand works well with my hair.  Also, I made a shampoo based on a recipe created by Youtuber Naptural85.  Her recipe infuses oil with African black soap and my hair loved it.
  • Low Manipulation. When we were kids our hairstyles were really neat and tight with barrettes and bows.  However, our hair can look neat without being tight.  Get rid of anything that will cause tension or stretch to your hair too much.  Don’t pull your hair back into a tight ponytail or get your hair tightly braided too often.  If possible do not wear that headband that pulls your hair back (to form that fro shape) too often either.  Let your hair relax a bit.  Do some loose flat twist in the front, wear a wash n go, or do some two strain twist (not a twist out).One of the reasons I switched to predominantly wearing my hair in a wash n go is because I wanted to improve the health of my curl pattern.  I always get compliments about how healthy my hair looks and it’s because I strive to improve my curls and coils.  I believe that if your curl pattern is at its healthiest (meaning define or tightly coiled) then your hair is really healthy.  Think about it.  If we make sure our hair looks good and healthy in its natural state than your hair has reached the ultimate “healthy hair goal” in my opinion.

    An old wash n go right after waking up. Didn’t do anything to my hair before snapping this photo.
  • Detangle smart. Detangle your hair in a method that causes less hair to come out.  I finger detangle my hair in sections and follow up with a wide tooth come.  However, finger detangling can be enough.  I just prefer to go through with the comb to make sure I don’t miss any tangles.
  • Protect your ends. Now do not obsess over protecting your ends.  I pull my hair into a pineapple before wash day when I feel my ends are getting dry and oil will not help them.  Therefore, with this tip I believe protecting your ends is a judgment call.  Do it when you feel you need to.
  • Trim your ends. Everyone has different views on how often you should trim your ends.  You should get your ends trimmed when you feel they need to be trimmed.  If you get split ends too often and you don’t see hair growth then you may need to change your weekly or bi-weekly hair regimen to get those ends healthier.
  • Simplicity is best. Do not go crazy with products.  Feel free to try products out but do not think you need 10 different products on wash day.  I use a cleansing conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, styling product, and sometimes an oil.  If you use too many products you can get product build-up which can clog your hair pores and prevent hair growth.
  • Find a routine. Hair response well to routine.  A hair routine is almost like training your hair to be manageable to style.

I want to end this blog post by motivating you to be patient and have fun with your hair.  Enjoy your hair at every hair length goal because once it grows out you cannot get it back unless you cut it.

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