I am often asked the following question: “how do you get your curls to look like that?” There is no magical answer. There is no magical product. There is no step by step process I can give that will deliver quick results. My best answer is TIME.  We have been relaxing, straightening, and braiding our hair for years. Some of us are still doing these things.  Now we expect a person’s tutorial on their wash n go routine to help us.  Some girls are lucky because their curls pop right away.  Good for them. However, I have a list of things below I did to get my curls to the state they are in now.

  1. You should do a wash n go often. You don’t have to wash your hair every day.  A wash n go should last you a few days. Personally, I only wash my hair once a week.  I wear my hair in a wash n go for at least 4 days then I wear it in a pineapple for the rest of the week until the next wash time.Try to limit the twist outs and braid outs to once every month or month and a half. I say this because when we pull our hair out of its natural state it stretches the curl leaving it less elastic.  Great curls come from great hair elasticity.

    My Coiled Wash n Go
    My wash n go after a fresh cut. Shaping your curls may keep you from getting bored with your wash n go.
  2. Find products your hair likes. Do not go broke buying every product people use in their hair tutorials.  Read the product and make sure it helps with whatever your hair needs.
  3. Deep condition your hair often. I deep condition my hair once a week.  It helps with the detangling process after I wash my hair.    You should pay attention to what kind of treatment is necessary for your hair.  I’m sure some women struggle with their hair breaking.  Therefore, finding protein sensitive products is a must.  Also, you can make your own deep conditioner, which is probably the best option.  However, I do not have time to do this often.
  4. Section your hair in as many section you need to saturate each curl with products. Seems simple but there may be some people who think they can just rub the product into a large section and expect a miracle.  I have a lot of hair strains on my head so that’s not an option for me. I style my wash n go by creating at least 12 sections.  It’s seems like a long process but remember I stated earlier my wash n go last a whole week.
  5. Use a leave in conditioner and a styling product. I prefer using a leave in conditioner and a styling products that is great at detangling.  I think other girls who have coils or kinky hair will benefit from the same type of product.  Also, I use a water base gel with aloe vera as my styling product.
  6. Apply products to soak and wet hair. When our hair is wet it has the least amount of frizz. Therefore, applying products to really wet hair will minimize some frizz.
  7. Limit the amount of heat you put in your hair except to diffuse your hair.
  8. Wait until your hair is 100% dry before you start touching, pulling, or fluffing your hair. You don’t want to create too much frizz and ruin your curl definition.
  9. Have patience. If you start to use these tips your wash n go will not look its best right away but give it time and love whatever your results are.

Disclosure:  The tips above are only based on my experience and how I improve my curls.  I am sure there are other ways you can get to a great wash n go if you do not like what was stated.  However, my tips are realistic and honest.


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