Is Your Mind Right?

For the past few days I over analyzed what would be a good starting point for me to write about. Should I write about hair, health, motivation, inspiration, and so on. After beating myself up about which topic to discuss I started thinking about structure. People sometimes say, I have to get my life together. Bam! My first blog post idea came.

I started this blog to help people love and appreciate their natural hair journey as much as I appreciate my journey. If you’re one of those people still in a love hate relationship with your natural hair then keep reading. If you’re not one of those people continue to read because it could still be insightful.  Don’t make me beg but pleaseeee. Alright, let’s get back on topic.

I attended a natural hair event called We Rock Dope Hair. During the Q&A session with natural hair stylists a lady from the audience stated her hair gives her so many problems. I mean this lady made it seem as if she had the worst hair on Earth. The stylists gave her so much encouragement to love her hair. I want to share this same type of encouragement to you.  Some of you may be frustrated with your hair or confused about what to do with your hair and that’s cool.  That’s part of the process.  However, I encourage you to be happy with your hair during the process. Your hair will cooperate and thrive when you learn to love it for what it is and not what it could be.

Is your mind right?
An old twist-out style turned into an up-do for the We Rock Dope Hair event.

Your hair is awesome because no one else can understand it more than you if you take time to get to know it. It seems as if we are all in competition to have our natural curls and coils looks like someone else’s. NEWS FLASH! It will never look exactly like someone else’s hair. Don’t get me wrong it’s much easier for me to tell you to love your hair than it is for you to act on it. There were times I was confused about what my hair was doing, and I only focused on the potential of my hair. It’s good to see the potential of what your hair can be at its healthiest state but it’s much better to love it at any state.

I promise that your twist-outs, braid-outs, flat twists, and other styles will turn out better if you change your attitude. If these styles don’t turn out good then you should start thinking about if styles you’re trying to accomplish works for you. Sometimes your hair will tell you if it likes a style or not, so pay attention to the response your hair gives after attempting a style. This blog post illustrates how important your mindset is on your hair journey. I will get more into the nitty-gritty about styling techniques and stuff in following posts.

Let me know where you are with your hair journey and what kind of struggles you’re dealing with. Your comment can be helpful to someone else. Sometimes it’s good to feel you’re not alone. Share this post with others if you find it helpful. Until next time…bye bye.

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  1. Great read! I have been natural for about 7+ years and I still struggle with the best products. Also resisting washing/wetting it everyday in the shower. Looking forward to upcoming posts.


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